We bring the internet connectivity
experience to the next level

Broadband Solutions

Feel the power of being connected through our wired or wireless broadband solutions and never again face downtime which will leave you behind the world.

We combine wired, wireless and fiber optic technologies and provide network systems and infrastructure at your location in order to bring you up to speed in matter of minutes.

Enjoy the reliable, high-speed, broadband solutions with flexible package customization according to your preferences for network concept and performance

Our Helpdesk will respond to your inquiries without delay. Tri Star does not put the client’s calls “on-hold”. Instead, we have assigned tech specialists who address the issues right away.

Enterprise Solutions

We provide secure and reliable internet solutions to organizations and business. Our wired and wireless networks, dedicated and restricted IP addresses and packages, customized peripherals, signal transmission and network and traffic monitoring and control software are tailored to serve all-size organizations and business at any location and time.

For those organizations looking for the ultimate connectivity solution and experience, Tri Star provides backup lines from secondary main internet provider, with auto-transfer capability and no downtime. Combined with the additional network security options, we deliver the best internet service for those who expect quality and dedication.

In addition to 24/7 Helpdesk, our Enterprise Solutions support team includes IT and network engineers, ready to deploy on the field at any given time in support of our customers. Our microwave linkup services reach up to 100km and so do our support teams. Our onsite support team can address any issues with your network, systems and cyber security.

Satelite Solutions

The ultimate solution for internet access in remote areas and locations that are not covered by our microwave connectivity network. Tri Star will provide you with full system planning, network design, supply of all hardware including VSAT, transceivers, gateways and modems and install the system up to ready status. Our satellite internet service includes speeds up to 15Mbps, persistent IP addresses and full onsite network implementation.

The technical support for our satellite internet customers takes precedence. Our satellite internet specialists can be deployed within hours to any location in order to address any issues and support the client with additional requirements. Our customers can address their inquiries 24/7 through our Helpdesk and dedicated, duty specialist. This approach towards customer support has granted us the title of the most reliable ISP in remote areas such as Kandahar, Afghanistan.