Our IT consulting services make us the one-stop partner you need

Project IT Consulting

Whether it’s a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) project, long-distance Point-2-Point linkup or uptime and throughput critical leased Line connectivity, we can guide your project’s IT, network and internet connectivity aspects with guaranteed result.

Staring from site selection, survey, link budgeting, analysis, frequency scan, all the way to product selection, delivery, installation and implementation, Tri Star provides hassle free support that will allow you to concentrate on your real work.

Network Management

Once your network requirements expend beyond single location, then network management and monitoring becomes a necessity. Our network design and management services and integration of Google Maps will provide you with the ability to monitor and manage up to 500 devices.

Our Intel Xeon based server MSC device with bandwidth management suite, can control and manage your bandwidth on policy-based routing and can handle unlimited customers. We will also provide the required training and policy setup for your dedicated IT authority. In addition to this, we also undertake Administration and Monitoring Console (AMC) of installed servers.

IT Training

Specialized WISP training provided by onsite Cisco, Mikrotik and Ubiquiti certified trainers will prepare your personnel to run your network system independently and minimize the lost time due to misuse of your system, network and equipment.

Tri Star provides number of additional IT trainings including MS Office applications, internet data mining and IT equipment utilization. We provide basic, intermediary and advance training for your staff and insure their skills are to the required level for your operating standards.