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Tri STAR Customer Support is equipped and ready to assist you with installation of new connection or repair of your present internet connection. All we ensure a smooth and efficient internet working at your end, however if something unforeseen happened, please contact us so we can better assist you. If you need tariff information for any of our services, we will provide you our quick quotes for your evaluation.
TRI STAR Technical Team is dedicated to provide exclusive customer support 24×7.

General Information
Tel: +93 (0) 30 200 3007,
Mobile: +93 (0) 70 8824 200
P.O. Box – 296
Sales & Marketing
Administration and Finance
Cell Phone: +93 (0) 70 8888 538
Head Office Address: Shah Bazar,Nawi Sarak,Al Bashir Market 2nd floor- ,Kandahar, Afghanistan
Branch Office Address: Aino Mina, ACCI Market,1st floor,Kandahar,Afghanistan

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